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Welcome to Campbellford District High School’s Special Education Department.

Students require various amounts of assistance to be successful in the secondary school setting.  These supports enable learners to reach their full educational potential, whether it be in the form of earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), an Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC), or a Certificate of Accomplishment.  The resource room (Learning Commons) at CDHS is available to provide academic support and access to resources for all students regardless of their chosen pathway.  

Special Education teaching staff (SERTs) are available each period to provide academic support.  Students can choose to access the resource room during class time when the classroom teacher has given permission.  Students arrive with assigned work as outlined by the classroom teacher based on the learning goals of the class.  Students are provided with a quiet workspace to facilitate the completion of required tasks.

When in the resource room our students will have access to desktop computers, as well as laptops; where assistive technology, such as speech-to-text software or word prediction software, is available and encouraged to be used to enhance student achievement.  Laptops are also available for students to sign out on a day-to-day basis if required by the student to meet the curriculum expectations within the classroom.  Other accommodations that a student may have access to would be scribing, clarification of assignment expectations, rewording of a question, and/or extended time limits when completing an assessment.  These accommodations are permitted to students on an individual basis.

The Special Education Department is responsible for creating and updating Individual Education Plans (IEPs).  The IEPs are working documents that outline instructional, environmental and/or assessment accommodations that are required by a given student.  Classroom teachers are familiar with student IEPs and ensure that outlined needs are addressed in the educational setting.  These needs are derived from recent and relevant assessments that have been provided by education staff, and/or paraprofessionals who work directly with our students.  IEPs are working documents that evolve as the student’s needs adapt to reflect academic growth in specific areas.  IEP updates are implemented based on consultation with parents, students, SERTs, classroom teachers, and/or paraprofessionals who work closely with our students.

CDHS offers Learning Life Skills (LLS) programming for students who are identified with a developmental disability.  The focus of LLS programming is to enable our students to enhance their abilities and skills concerning their specific needs.  Individual student strengths and needs are assessed in and out of the classroom by paraprofessionals and are outlined on the student’s IEP.  The overall goal of LLS is to support individual students to become as independent as possible relating to everyday living.  Supports from community agencies are encouraged to assist with a student’s successful completion of the LLS program and also with the transition to life within the community and beyond their secondary school experience.


KPRDSB Special Education Resources   [Found at KPRDSB – Our Schools – Resources (Special Education)]

·         Information relating to Special Education Services at KRDSB, Ministry Documents pertaining to Special Education, documents containing IEP and IPRC information

Education Quality and Accountability Office   [www.eqao.com]

·         Resources available to help students with the grade 9 Math EQAO testing and grade 10 Literacy Test (OSSLT)

Homework Help   [homeworkhelp.ilc.org]

·       Free online math help for students in grades 7-10

Office 365   [Found at KPRDSB – Students – Learning Resources (Office 365)]

·       Access to Microsoft Office 365 accounts (free web-based application for students)

EduGAINS   [www.edugains.ca]

·       Access to ministry developed resources to support policies and programs related to improved learning and teaching (K – grade 12)

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Terra Airhart

Lead Teacher, Special Education


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